Will Saudi Arabia enter a defense treaty with Russia and China? (UPDATE)

Saudi Arabia is in a delicate situation: last month Russia increased it’s oil exports to China by 20% and became Chinas number 1 oil supplier, where as Saudi Arabia’s oil imports to China dropped by 40%. And all because Russia and China have a currency agreement, which allows China to pay for the oil in Chinese Yuan or Rubles.

It’s said that if Saudi Arabia want to secure it’s market share in China, they will have to drop the Petrodollar and accept CNY for payment of their oil. And we all know what happened to the leaders who tried to abandon the Petrodollar in the last decade. ( Saddam Hussein charged Euro for Iraq’s Oil, Gadhaffi wanted to charge Gold for his Oil, both were killed with the friendly support of the USA).

Now, let’s suppose Saudi Arabia wants to abandon the Petrodollar, and they know what happened to Saddam and Gadhaffi. At the same time they see the USA approaching their enemy, Iran.
Saudi Arabia knows, despite all their weapons, they will not be able to defend themselves against the USA, but the only two countries that could give them a certain level of security are Russia and China.
In this context it would be very reasonable for Saudi Arabia to prepare for the case that the USA becomes an enemy and send the minister of defense accompanied by senior military and intelligence officials to Russia to discuss a possible military cooperation.

Now, here is what happened:

Earlier in June, Deputy Crown Prince and Minister of Defense Mohammed bin Salman visited St. Petersburg, accompanied by other senior military and intelligence officials. This delegation doesn’t look like it’s chosen to talk about the oil price or exchange opinions about the war in Yemen. But I’d choose this kind of people to discuss a military cooperation.

Just a thought…


The Saudi foreign Minister Adel al-Jubeir said: “This issue [purchase of weapons] is being considered by the military experts from our countries. But I want to stress that nothing prevents us from buying Russian defense systems, just like nothing prevents Russia from selling them to Saudi Arabia, […]”

This is a very clear statement, noting that they almost only bought Western weapons up to now.



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