Who cares about Ivory Coast

If i would exactly follow the justifications for the war in Libya, there would have to be an intervention of NATO at the Ivory Coast. But since there isn’t would have to expect that our governments do consider Libyans as man that are more worth than these from the Ivory Coast.
Do you know the Ivory Coast also called Côte d’Ivoire? There is happening exactly what NATO wants to avoid in Libya. But nobody cares.
The civil war at the Ivory Coast bases on the latest elections. Yes we are talking about a democratic country! But the ancient President does not want to give up his presidency, and the from other countries recognized winner of the election does not want to give up his right to be president. So these two went to war against each other. Until now there are more than 1000 death.
Unfortunately for the Ivory Coast, they do not have anything valuable that could attract the attention from our governments, and neither they are developing to a local dominant power. The last element to their disfavor is, that they are far away from Europe, so we do not have to worry about the refuges.
For all three elements the opposite is true for Libya. Due to it’s oil, Libya got rich and followed a strategy to get independent from other countries. This would lead almost automatically to a gain of influence in the area and this would conflict with western interests. Finally a wave of refuges would hit immediately the fortress Europe, since Libya is only a few hundreds kilometers away from Italy.
When do our governments understand that there is more than money and power?

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