Libya Conference: War-junkies are fighting about who is getting the property of Libyan people

On March 29, some representatives of the countries in war with Libya did meet to decide about Libya’s future. The most important for them, of course, is who will get the profits of the oil that belongs to the people of Libya. Guess who is not even considered to get these profits? Of course, the people of Libya. Why should they, they do not have any Lobby to promote their right to get these profits.
I will make a short scenario how a news article could sound like in 10 years:

It’s 10 years ago since the allied forces did bomb away Muammar al-Gaddafi. At this time Libya has been one of the wealthiest countries in Africa, and held the highest HDI (Human development Index) value on the continent. This well being came from the Profits of the oil production, which have been invested in local industry and even more important for a country being actually a desert, in cheap water supply from underground sources.
After the war private oil companies took control over the oil production and redirected all profits to western countries. Two years after the end of the war, Libyan government could not anymore support the costs to maintain the giant water supply infrastructure and sold it to Nestlé, the biggest bottled water producer on our planet an Veolia, a big private water supply company. In consequence Nestlé did build a big water botteling factory next to the sources and Veolia decided to supply the population with water gained out of the sea, which costs about 10 times more, but was far easier to realize. The few existing farmers had to shut their production down, since they could not afford the water anymore. This caused a increased dependence of food imports. Also a big part of Libyan population lost access to clean water after Veolia stopped the supply because they weren’t able to pay the high price for the Water.
Many other Industries that used to be supported by the ancient government had to close down, what led to a big increase of unemployment.
Today Libya’s HDI is the same as Sudan’s and Libyan government is facing civil unrest. Last weekend there have been ten-thousands carrying Gaddafi pictures and protesting against the government. Experts say that next increase in food prices could mean the end for the current Libyan government if they don’t realize deep reforms.

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