Fukushima: Israeli security firm secured Japanese nuclear power plant

Until now, I’m far away from being convinced, that the accident at the Fukushima nuclear power plant was an military action. But seeing that an Israeli company was responsibly for the security at this power plant makes me thinking. It’s known that Mossad and company often do dirty jobs for others. And a nuclear catastrophe exactly at the time of the beginning of a new war is suspicious. But I still don’t want to believe that they really could create such a evil thing only to get some more profit. I know humans are the most evil being on this planet, but I don’t want to belief this, and I keep distance on this as long as there is the possibility that this is not true.
On the other site I read also about rumors that the whole catastrophe is put on stage and that there is no danger and that the tsunami wasn’t as big as we are told. But I don’t know what’s true. The only thing what’s for sure is that I cannot belief what mainstream newspapers tell. Sometimes they say the truth, often they lie. Now it’s on the reader to know if they lie with something or not… About the tsunami, the closest information I have is that there were no abnormal waves at Xiamen, China. But this is several thousands of kilometers away, so doesn’t mean much.
I hope for humanity that I am right, and the accident at the Fukushima nuclear power plant is really an accident and nothing else.
But in ether case, we have to learn, me included, that nuclear power is not save. That the risks are far to high to be acceptable. And this is the reason why nuclear power plants are barely covered by insurances. I know from a German study which says if nuclear power plant would only have to double the insured amount, the price for producing electric power would be far higher than of any other power plant.
Only a few time ago, I thought, as many do, that nuclear power is safe, i did belief what my government told me, and the security systems I have been showed at two different nuclear power plants seemed to be very secure. But more and more I did read about higher risk of cancer around nuclear power plants and of deformations at animals living near them. I started to question my previous position. Now the accident gave me the final push to be convinced that nuclear power is too dangerous.


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