Is Water the reason for the war in Libya?

After years of fighting verbally with Gadhaffi, after sanctions and even bombardments of Libya, the west now started a full scale war against Libya. But why?
Libya did construct a giant water project that recently entered in service, the “Man Made River Project”. As a side effect of searching for oil, they did find water. Lot’s of water. Water hidden in the underground of the Sahara.
With this water, Libya would be capable to supply itself with food, and many other African countries. Also it could supply other countries with water.
In Sudan a similar project was stopped by western powers, which didn’t want that Sudan gets it’s own water.
Can you imagine what it would mean if many African countries would not need anymore to import food from USA or Europe? Yes, we would loose the capabilities to control this countries. You don’t belief that food is used as an instrument of power? Sorry to say this, but in this case you are somewhat of naive. Why do you think Africa has to import most if it’s food? Why do you think did Mugabe ruin Zimbabwe’s food production? Zimbabwe was used to be a big food producer. Why do you think African countries do produce lot’s of agricultural products, but almost no food? Why do you the are there big granaries full with imported cereals right next to the cotton fields?
Make your own thoughts about this.

GMR (Great Man-made River) Water Supply Project, Libya

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