About US Economy

Two good articles found in the Time. Both are about US Economy but the first one is more optimistic than the second one.
I do not agree with the Author of “Don’t Bet Against the United States”, his image is too optimistic. For example he only sees the few top universities and forgets the education system where 99% of the population go through, and this one is maybe the worst of all developed countries. For sure, there may stay some very good schools in USA, but they will not be enough to keep up with the once of Finland or China. Did you see the last PISA Tests? Did you see that Shanghai is beating all others by far? Since Shanghai can be taken as indicator what will happen later in whole China, the USA would have to improve their standard schools, and this as fast as possible, otherwise they will not be able to compete with other countries schools.
Then take the income equality he mentions. In his eyes this is no problem, because it can be shifted back by a simple adjustment in taxing laws. But he forgets that making higher taxes is one of the close to impossible things in the USA. Which rich senator want to tax himself with a higher tax? Which of the Lobbying companies wants to pay higher taxes? The ones who have money are too influent in the US Government as it could realize higher taxes. Just have a look what happened when Obama wanted to finish the tax gifts made by Bush.
But I have to add also, if the USA wake up and do some fundamental reforms, I can see also a bright future for them. But at the moment it seems to go in opposite direction: a society like you can find it in a random country in the third world. Few rich people ruling the country and a big majority poor and barely educated.

Should there be any bigger faults in my text, please post them in a comment. I’m still ameliorating my English skills. 😉

Don’t Bet Against the United States

So far no comment to the second text, but this doesn’t mean that I agree for 100%.

Are America’s Best Days Behind Us?

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