Seeing the situation about Libya there are several hazards making a western intervention easier. This makes me think about whether this was planned or not. I have to say I don’t know it and I don’t say whether it’s planned or not, do don’t hang me up on this. But it is not to dismiss that several events happening making it worth to think about this.

The Arab revolution begins in Tunisia, right next to Libya, to be continued in Egypt, on the other site of Libya to finally reach Libya. So far so good, this could be due to the domino effect, if the social situation would not have been completely different in Libya than in the other two countries. In Libya the HDI ( Human Development Index ) was the highest in all Africa, the population one of the best educated and the health-care system one of the best developed in Africa. These factors make it hard to belief that the population has been suffering as our media wants to tell us. To remind, in Egypt many people could not afford food anymore.

After the Arab revolution broke out in Libya we have been told by our media that Gadhaffi is the bad one who is fighting against a big part of population. But they could never deliver images proving this. As a journalist of Swiss public television said, most pictures and videos are made for the media, far away from the battles. It seems the rebells are well prepared to start a media campaign to their favor, since they seem to know, it’s not the good one who wins, and it’s nether the one with the stronger army. Not it’s the one with the better publicity. But how do they get this? Why nobody askes how many of them there are, and how they got on the street. Were they pushed by foreign intelligence Agencies?

There have been several reports on western secret agents being discovered in Libya trying to cause rumors. But such agents can be found also in Egypt. Is it only hazard that these agents are there? I hardly belief so. This is a strong indicator for western governments having planned this Arab revolution.

Now, the UNO security council did pass with 10 votes and 5 abstentions the resolution 1973, permitting to any country to attack Libya with the pretext to protect civil population. A part of this resolution introduces a no-fly zone in Libya.

Seeing the events in Libya I cannot belief any report coming from there. We are told what we shall know, and not whats the reality. In my opinion our governments should just stay outside of the conflict, because almost every war started by western countries ended up in a disaster. Look at the situation in Iraq or Afghanistan. Both have been more stable and more secure before our loved western governments started the invasion there. In addition to this these countries are poisoned by the uranium weapons used by our armies. And they will use it also in Libya. If we go there, the only one who will profit will be some of our elites, and the last one will be the people of Libya. They will for sure suffer more than now. And they know it, because they know about Iraq and Afghanistan. And that’s why they don’t want an intervention.

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